Has your Mac been acting a bit petty lately?
Unexplainable glitches, slowdowns, and general weirdness?
Need to ask some questions about upgrades, installs, or what to do next?

I'm the guy you need.

I've been actively maintaining and troubleshooting Macs for the past 20 years,
both in personal and professional environments.
I'm now making my expertise available to the public.
On-site services will be available in the southern metro Nashville area.

Your problem may be a simple fix.
It may require more than you can do by yourself.
It will always require being taught about things Apple doesn't want you to know.
Let me help you plan a backup and maintenance strategy that will
keep your world from falling apart at the wrong time.

Whatever your Mac's problem is, I'd like to teach it a lesson.

Contact me for your initial consultation!
Reach me via email, FaceBook, or call (615) 538-8279.

Cost for MacDADDY services is $50 per hour.